Let’s get this out of the way first of all…

When you think the word “salesperson” what is the first image that flashes in your head?

Cheesy used-car salesman, right?

OK, in order for you to accumulate riches and have a full hotel and restaurant, the first thing that needs to occur is a mind-switch. Time to dump the old image and replace it with something that fits you better.

So why did you originally get into hospitality? 

Was it so you could help people enjoy themselves? Was it to provide a home-away-from-home for travellers? Was it because when you were a kid on holiday the best time you had was when you stayed at a hotel?  Would these reasons be a more genuine starting place for you to develop your personal image of a salesperson?

We can’t deny the fact that you need to sell in order for your business to survive. So that you can participate in other people’s lives by providing them with your hospitality, so that you can contribute to the community by employing people, and so that you can make a profit along the way. But selling comes in more sizes than just a used-car salesman.

What if you changed the meaning of “selling” to helping?

Helping people make an informed choice to stay at your hotel. Helping people have a fun time once they get to your hotel. Helping people choose the best wine to go with their meal. Helping people get what they ultimately want – whether it is a relaxing vacation, and smooth business function or a relaxed “time-out” where your guests can simply release all their normal responsibilities knowing that you will take care of everything for them.

If “helping” isn’t a sexy enough concept for you, how about “influencing” or “providing options” or just simply “service“? Do you believe that you have the best product? Do you and your team offer the best accommodation experience?

Don’t you owe it to your prospective guests to help them make the right decision to stay with you? Then that probably means throwing off the cloak of the old salesperson image and creating your own – one that you are comfortable inhabiting.

Have a think about some sales people that you might want to model instead – Richard Branson? Martin Luther King? Mother Teresa? Donald Trump? All have sold people on what they believed in.

So, what do you believe in, and how can you get people on side with you?




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