The Universal Sales Belief

There are a number of beliefs that you can have when you are selling something, but the one I want to gift to you today is the one I call, The Universal Sales Belief.

If you are serious about getting people to stay with you, and filling your beds night after night, then please feel free to adopt this belief as your own. The belief, once fully embraced, is your key to NO Vacancy.

The Universal Sales Belief is: Everyone who calls, or walks in to your hotel, wants to stay with you.

That’s right, EVERYONE wants to buy from you.

It seems simple, but when you really believe it, and own it, you’ll be amazed by what it does to your bottom line. Or even more importantly, the number of bums in beds!

Just think about it. If someone has picked up the phone, or hopped out of their car and walked into reception, then these potential guests have already made their buying decision. They have made the effort to come to you. All you need to do now is reassure them that they have made the right choice – your product knowledge, exceptional (special) service and delivering to their needs and wants will persuade them to stay with you.

Once you have owned The Universal Sales Belief, and you genuinely believe that your hotel will accommodate their needs, you are actually denying them the experience of your hospitality if you don’t actually sell it to them. If your product matches their needs and desires, you are doing your guests a dis-service if you don’t help them stay with you.

Beliefs are numerous, choose ones that help achieve your goals.

Stay tuned for “Your mindset is your biggest sales asset”.



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