Why blog about Selling Hotel Rooms?

Selling Hotel Rooms (SHR) is different from selling a tangible product in a shop. It is also different from selling a product or service where there is a long courtship between the sales manager and the client. In SHR, you are often selling a one off experience with no “tangible aspects” to take home (unless the guests have light fingers!). What they take home instead is either good or bad memories.

So, SHR is a specialised skill. In the space of a short phone call, you have to turn what the caller thinks is “just an enquiry” into a booking, and generally in less than 3 minutes.

This specialised skill requires rapid rapport building; a skill that will enable you to keep the caller on the call long enough to promote the benefits of staying at your hotel.

This specialised skill means that you need to discover what the caller needs to know, rather than what they think they need to know.

And this specialised skill means that first impressions count! The way in which you answer each phone call, your team’s professionalism during that first call, sets the tone for the guest’s stay with you. During this first call you are creating expectations as to what their stay will be like.

So as a 20-year-plus vetran of the hospitality industry, and someone who has been helping people buy what they want (and need) since the age of 15, I’m blogging about Selling Hotel Rooms because I love helping people have a great experience – and if I help you on the frontline, help guests have a great experience, then I know that more and more people are having fun and exciting holidays, comfortable and friendly away-from-home encounters, professional and enjoyable business trips, and inevitably happy memories to take home and share with others.

Please subscribe to this blog for ongoing tips and secrets to Selling Hotel Rooms for a busy and buzzing hotel.


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