NO Vacancy is all about keeping your hotel, restaurant, cafe or any other hospitality based business, Busy. Yes with a capital “B”. Downturned times, require smarter actions. On this blog you will find two types of articles.

  1. Sales tips, hints & secrets to help you get the best out of your team, by involving everyone in the sales process.
  2. Simple online marketing tips and tricks that also involve the whole team – how to use facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & Flickr to get more customers.

Everyone who works in a hotel is a sales ambassador for that hotel – from concierge to housekeeping, reservations to maintenance, waiter to telephonist. This is also true of restaurants and cafes, B&B’s and motels, pubs and deli’s. Everyone in your business has the opportunity to influence a guest or customer during their stay, and help them make an informed decision to utilise what your establishment has to offer. Selling does not just lie with the initial request for rates and availability – don’t you want your guest to enjoy their stay and return again and again? Get them to tell their friends to go and stay with you? Promote you on their websites, blogs & facebook?

This blog is here to help. At NO Vacancy, you  will find hints and tips and secrets to help keep your hotel full – even when your competitors are not!

So what makes me such an expert?

Well, I have had more than 15 years experience working in all types of accommodation sectors, in many different roles. From housekeeper in 5-star hotels, to waiter in fine dining restaurants and hotel room service, to jack-of-all-trades in B&B’s. With more than 10 years working in the reservations contact centre for an international hotel chain, 8 years as sales trainer and 4 years as a business coach, I have developed and cultivated many staff, as well as, guests; guests who come back year after year to book their next trip with me and my team.

I have received many postcards from all around the world from people who I helped accommodate, all with one phone call. And now I want to help you and your team get the same amount of pleasure that I have obtained, by helping people have a great experience – whether it is on business, vacation or adventure!

I hope that you enjoy reading NO Vacancy, and get some value from what is contained within the words. If you do, please share it by leaving a comment.

If you too have stories of happy guests, and long term “friends” please post those as comments too.




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