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Why I love Twitter (as a marketing tool for the Hospitality Industry)

As I see it, Twitter has 3 major advantages of all the social media tools available*. First of all it is a form of micro-blogging, so the messages are kept short and conversational (like a sms). Secondly, you connect with your followers, people who have chosen to follow you, and you are able to keep your business top of mind for them. Finally, you get to build new customers.

What Twitter can do

I love Twitter! There are multiple real time conversations (represented by short messages of 140 characters or less) constantly going on worldwide that you can listen in to, or better yet, join.  People are always posting links to articles and news on any topic. You can do research, poll your following, and see what hot topics are are being discussed right now. Recent discussion has been on whether Twitter will overtake Google as a search engine.

But back to the real reason that I like Twitter, and why I think it is great for the hospitality industry.

1. Conversation

You get to have real time conversations with your guests, diners and customers – even when they are not at your establishment. The converstion can continue even after they leave, and can also be used to entice them back. You can continue to be hospitable and of service after they have left your premises. For your customers to follow your messages, it is not necessary to be attached to a computer or laptop. Your messages (Tweets) can be recieved via your mobile#, or any mobile device that supports web access, such as iPhone or Blackberry. This means that the conversation can also take place on the run, which brings us to number 2.

2. Top of Mind

You can remind your fans why they love you. That means that you can keep your business top of mind for when they want to grab a coffee, meet friends for dinner or get away for a mini-break. Your posts might be things like your special of the day, choc strawberry muffins fresh from the oven, book now for Easter, seeking a new Barista, or anything to keep the conversation going.

3. New Guests

The most amazing thing about Twitter is how the conversation spreads. You can invite people to join your feed via email, but what tends to happen is that word tends to organically spread based on all the contacts of your followers. Your followers then link back to you either by replying to one of your posts, or by re-posting one of your posts on their own feed, called a retweet (RT).

For example, if you sent a tweet  “Reminder: Dinner & Movie Special every Tuesday only $29pp” everyone of your followers would receive it. They can then a) reply “Book me in for 7pm” and that is then seen by all their followers who can trace back the original message. They can also b) ReTweet the message to all their followers with your exact same message. Who can then send it on to their followers, who then send it on to their followers… Soon you have people choosing to follow you from all over the world putting notes in their diary to come and visit you when they arrive at your destination!

Making Twitter work for you

The best way to really understand it is to do. Click here to start following me on Twitter. This way you can stay up to date in real time and continue to receive more tips on how your Hotel, Restaurant or Cafe can connect with customers.


Tracy Tormai

Sales Coach and eMedia Specialist for the Hospitality Industry

*Twitter is my favourite out of Facebook, You Tube and Flickr all of which I recommend for the hospitality industry

#Not currently supported outside the US


Joel Comm’s 11 Favourite Types of Tweets!

Yesterday I saw Joel Comm speaking live in Melbourne, and he revealed the different types of Tweets he likes to do. Of course it is best to mix it up, and there are probably many other categories that can also be added.

Here are Joel’s ’11’ as recreated from my notes (I hope I can read my own writing!). Some of the examples have been elaborated by myself!

  1. Ask Questions – Twitter is great for finding out anything, we all know this, you can get answers to the best place to eat in an unfamiliar suburb, the right train line to catch  and even the answer for your homework!
  2. Provide Answers – Answer other people’s questions. Twitter search  “how do you” and answer away. You can be an expert in providing answers.
  3. Pithy Sayings – these can include favourite quotes and word-of-the-day
  4. Share News – many news stories are broken on Twitter. The plane in the Hudson, the Indian cricket shootings, and even the Iran elections.
  5. Provide Links (this is great, I learn so much from the links people provide via Twitter. If I had to search for the information myself it would take me hours!)
  6. Give Compliments – we all love a compliment
  7. Retweet generously – if someone shares information that you think is worth sharing, retweet it. Exactly as it is.
  8. Recommend other people to follow, we all know word-of-mouth is a great recommendation
  9. Use media – audio/video/photos
  10. Conduct contests and giveaways
  11. Marketing, either blatant or subtle (but only after you have created a relationship)

Joel went on further to defend the “mundane” tweet as he put it. Th tweet that is often derided by those that don’t “get” Twitter. The tweet that shares with others what you had for breakfast, what’s your favourite donut flavour, and the trivial taking the kids to the park. These tweets he says, are a point of connection. They may not be directly related to a sale, but they let everyone know that we are essentially the same. We have the chance to identify with our heroes, and this is where Twitter is powerful.

If you ever get the opportunity to see Joel Comm speak, I highly recommend it. He is very entertaining, and full of great content. He kept getting the wind-up by the event organisers as his 90 minutes blew out to 120 minutes or more. Yet sitting in the audience, the time flew by.

Thanks Joel!

I hope that you have enjoyed this list of Joel Comm’s 11 favourite types of tweets. Let me know if you have any other types of tweets to add to this list.



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